Hosted by: Liam, Rob, Seonaid & Caroline

Edited by: Rob

Recording date: Thu 16 March 2023

Editing date: Fri 17 March 2023

Release date: Mon 20 March 2023

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Welcome to the latest episode of Cloister Bell Podcast, where we’ll be taking a deep dive into the second episode of the Ninth Doctors run. Today, we have some very special guests joining us to explore this iconic story. But that’s not all – we’ll also be sharing some of the fantastic feedback we’ve received from our listeners, and we have a surprise in store that we think you’re going to love. Stay tuned as we’ll be taking a journey through time and space as we revisit “The End of the World”. Only on this episode of Cloister Bell podcast!



  • Greetings and catch ups.
  • Hello to the patrons, listeners, after show friends.
  • What’s new with My Adventure In Space & Time Podcast and what’s coming up?
  • Last podcast we discussed State of Decay which is our Patron Grants favourite story by the way.
  • What have we been watching/reading/doing lately?
  • The After Show LIVE team meeting: Will we return? Also, new YouTube channel/logo/title updates.
  • Rob reveals his secret plan…


  • Stick around after the end credits as we discuss our expectations for the 60th anniversary and Series Fifteen.


The Ninth Doctor takes his new companionRose Tyler, to the year 5,000,000,000 to see the sun expand and destroy the Earth. The observation deck space stationPlatform One, is holding an event with the richest beings of the time observing the Earth’s destruction, but mysterious metal spiders gifted by the Adherents of the Repeated Meme to the other guests are secretly infiltrating and sabotaging the station.




Written by
Russell T Davies
Produced by
Phil Collinson
Directed by
Euros Lyn

Early artwork

If you’d like to see some early concept and production artwork for this episode we’ll be posting some the morning this podcast comes out over on our Instagram and Facebook channels.

  • Concept sketches by Russel T Davies for a dropped sequence where Rose falls onto the glass window in the Viewing Gallery.
  • Also character and set design by RTD, Lucinda Wright and Matthew Savage.

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Filming locations

  • Q2 Studio, Newport
  • Temple of Peace, College Road, Cardiff
  • BBC Broadcasting House, Llandaff, Cardiff Headlands School, St Augustines Road, Penarth
  • Helmont House, Churchill Way, Cardiff
  • Queen Street, Cardiff

References used for information today…

  • Doctor Who: Monsters and Villains by Justin Richards
  • Doctor Who: The Shooting Scripts 2005
  • Doctor Who: The Inside Story by Gary Russel


  • Lets discuss the story.

Confidential ‘Aliens: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly’


Now it’s time for our listeners responses.

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  • Podcast 119: Purgatory 12 / Chase the Night

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