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Release date: 28 Feb 2022

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Today we go back to the mini charity special from 2005 staring David Tennant in his first every story.


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The Ninth Doctor has just regenerated into his next incarnation. But will Rose trust the Doctor now that he has a brand new face?

BROADCAST 18 November 2005

FILMED imbetween The Girl in the Fireplace and Rise of the Cybermen.





Russell T Davies


Euros Lyn

Euros not only directed Tennants first moments but also his final in The End of Time.


Discuss The Parting of the Ways.

Discuss the anticipation following Series One. I had the countdown screen saver.

It begins with a recap of the previous story The Parting of The Ways. The editing is a bit choppy.

The Doctor sets course for Barcelona. He seems to be operating the Tardis quite confidently.

He then asks Rose what does he look like before going on to answering the wurstion himself. Legs, arms, hands, hair(not bald), sideburns, a bit thinner, a mole.

I think Roses reaction is spot on. She wonders if his a Slitheen or if hes been transmatted. Shes gutted.

He reminds her of their very first meeting to convince her that its actually him. And when he does, and he takes her hand, she begins to see.

One time they had to hop for their lives.

They then have an interesting exchange with each other with him saying do you want me to change and her saying do you want me to stay. So theyre each not sure where they stand with each other.

He says he’ll take her home and sets the controls for 25 December as a bit of a Christmas present.

The Tardis changes direction in the vortex.

The Doctor has a joke about christmas dinner and gets a smile out of Rose.

His regeneration begins to go a bit wrong. What do we think of Tennants performance here?

Rose suggests going back to get Captain Jacks help. Why doesn’t she just call him Jack at this stage? The Doc remarks that Jack has plenty to do rebuilding the earth. I think Big Finish has a story about what happened next.

The Doctor is loosing control, pushing the Tardis past its limits. In a moment if self control he tells Rose his regeneration is going wrong. He pushes the Tardis faster and the alarm bells begin to ring.

Theyre on their way to christmas eve.


Is it a detriment to the series that this episode isnt part of the regular episodes, accessable only as a special feature on the DVD/Blu Rays, or does the show work jist fine without it?


Now it’s time for our listeners responses.

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Conclusion and score

Bad editing let down by inconsistant sound and lighting, BUT it was if course made for charity so all excusable.