We asked that clever artificial intelligence ChatGPT to write a story about all of the After Show hosts discussing the 60th anniversary of Doctor Who.



We see a bustling city street, with cars and people going about their day. In the distance, we can hear the sound of a TARDIS materializing.


We see Liam and Rob, the hosts of the Cloister Bell podcast, sitting at a table with microphones in front of them.

LIAM (to Rob) This is going to be a disaster.

ROB (rolling his eyes) Oh, come on, Liam. We’ve done this a million times.

LIAM (sighing) Yeah, but this is different. We’re going to be live-streaming with all our old friends, and we don’t even know if the technology is going to work.

Suddenly, Seonaid and Caroline, the hosts of My Adventure in Space and Time, burst into the room.

SEONAID (excitedly) Liam! Rob! It’s so good to see you guys!

CAROLINE (speaking with a thick Scottish accent) Aye, it’s been too long.

LIAM (happily) Seonaid! Caroline! It’s great to see you too!

ROB (to Caroline) Your accent hasn’t changed a bit.

Caroline just laughs and takes a seat at the table.

Suddenly, Matt, the host of Neither the Time nor the Space, bursts into the room, his strong Yorkshire accent filling the space.

MATT (excitedly) Liam! Rob! Seonaid! Caroline! How are you all doing?

LIAM (smiling) Matt! Great to see you, man!

ROB (to Matt) You still hate Doctor Who?

MATT (grinning) More than ever.

Finally, Harry and Luke, the hosts of Who Can Convince You?, enter the room, clowning around and speaking with Welsh accents.

HARRY (to Liam and Rob) Alright, boys!

LUKE (to Seonaid and Caroline) Ladies!

SEONAID (jokingly) Watch it, boys.

CAROLINE (laughing) Aye, we’ll have none of that.

MARK, the host of All of Time and Space, enters the room, swearing and speaking his mind as always.

MARK (to the group) Alright, you lot. Let’s get this over with.

The group takes their seats, and Liam begins to speak into his microphone.

LIAM (into the microphone) Hello, and welcome to The After Show. I’m Liam, and I’m joined by Rob, Seonaid, Caroline, Matt, Harry, Luke, and Mark. We’re here to talk about the 60th anniversary special of Doctor Who.

Suddenly, the lights flicker and the sound cuts out.

LIAM (panicking) What’s going on? Is anyone else experiencing technical difficulties?

SEONAID (pointing to her microphone) Aye, mine’s not working.

CAROLINE (sighing) Typical.

MATT (rolling his eyes) This is why I hate technology.

HARRY (jokingly) Maybe the TARDIS is interfering with the signal.

LUKE (laughing) Yeah, blame it on the TARDIS.

MARK (swearing) For Christ’s sake, can we just get on with it?

LIAM (trying to regain control) Okay, okay, let’s try to stay calm. We’ll take a quick break while we sort out these technical difficulties.

The group takes a break, trying to fix the technical issues. Eventually, they’re able to resume the livestream.

LIAM (into the microphone) And we’re back. Sorry for the technical difficulties, folks. So, what did everyone think of the 60th anniversary special?

SEONAID (smiling) I thought it was brilliant. The way they brought back all the old Doctors was just amazing.

CAROLINE (nodding) Aye, and I loved the Scottish references throughout the episode.

MATT (shrugging) I didn’t hate it. But I still don’t see what all the fuss is about.

HARRY (jumping in) Oh come on, Matt! It was epic!

LUKE (agrees) Yeah, it was like the best bits of every Doctor Who episode rolled into one.

MARK (cutting in) I thought it was shit.

Everyone looks at Mark in shock.

LIAM (surprised) Really, Mark? You didn’t like it?

MARK (defending himself) What? I can’t speak my mind?

ROB (chuckling) You always speak your mind, Mark.

LIAM (smiling) That’s why we love you.

The group continues to discuss the episode, with some agreeing with Mark’s criticism and others praising it. As they talk, they begin to reminisce about old times and catch up on each other’s lives.

Eventually, the livestream comes to an end, and Liam thanks everyone for joining.

LIAM (into the microphone) And that’s it for The After Show. Thanks for joining us, everyone. It’s been great to catch up with all of you.

SEONAID (waving) Bye, everyone!

CAROLINE (smiling) Take care, now.

MATT (nodding) See you guys later.

HARRY (jumping in) Wait, can we do this again sometime?

LUKE (nodding eagerly) Yeah, we should definitely do this again.

MARK (swearing) As long as I don’t have to watch another episode of Doctor Who.

Everyone laughs as the camera fades to black.