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  • Greetings and catch ups.
  • What have we been up to?
  • Coming up we’ll be doing a Storm Warning quiz!
  • When did we first experience Storm Warning and Big Finish?
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Publisher’s summary

October1930His Majesty‘s Airship, the R101, sets off on her maiden voyage to the farthest-flung reaches of the British Empire, carrying the brightest lights of the Imperial fleet. Carrying the hopes and dreams of a breathless nation.

Not to mention a ruthless spy with a top-secret mission, a mysterious passenger who appears nowhere on the crew list, a would-be adventuress destined for the Singapore Hilton… and a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey.

There’s a storm coming. There’s something unspeakable — something with wings, crawling across the stern. Thousands of feet high in the blackening sky, the crew of the R101 brace themselves. When the storm breaks, their lives won’t be all that’s at stake…

The future of the galaxy will be hanging by a thread.




Alan Barnes


Alistair Lock


Clayton Hickman

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  • It is volume 16 in the Big Finish Monthly Range. It was releases on double CD 22 January 2001. Its now out if print but is available to download.


Illustrated preview by Lee Sullivan from DWM 300.


  • Read CD booklet info and discuss part 1.
  • The Doctor, books and the time ship.
  • R101, Tamworth and Frayling.
  • Introduction to Charley, Weeks and Rathbone.
  • The Doctor arrives aboard the airship.
  • Tamworth exposes Charley and she runs.
  • Charley meets the Doctor.
  • Frayling sees the Vortisaur outside – it then attacks Rathbone.


  • Read CD booklet info and discuss part 2.
  • With the help of Weeks, they burst into the cabin to help.
  • The Doctor and Weeks find and lure the Vortisaur before sedating it.
  • Tamworth thinks the Doctor is a spy.
  • The R101 rises to 5,000 ft.
  • The unmask the passenger and Charley meets Engineer Prime.
  • The airship rendezvous with a flying saucer.


  • Read CD booklet info and discuss part 3.
  • Charley reveals she’s going to meet someone at the Sinalpore Hilton.
  • The airship enters the saucer and three are allowed to go. Tamworth, Frayling and the Doctor. They find a mooring tower in an endless void.
  • Tamworth tells the Doctor of how they found the engineer. From interrogating it, to meeting Rathbone and madam Zelda.
  • On the Triskelion, Frayling is in the place of the Engineers, the Doctor the Lawgiver and Tamworth the Uncreators. Although Tamworth doesnt qualify. They want Rathbone instead.
  • After leaving the airship armed Rathbone shoots the Lawgiver unleashing the Uncreators.


  • Read CD booklet info and discuss part 4.
  • They roar at the uncreators.
  • Uncreator Prime has a weapon.
  • Tamworth fights the Uncreator.
  • Rathbone resists the Uncreators control and shoots him.
  • Tamworth is now the lawgiver. He offers to stay and help them find their own way without the law. The saucer leaves.
  • Weeks feeds the Vortisaur/dies.
  • Frayling/Rathbone share victory having stole the weapon. The Doctor warns them of what this could do to the future.
  • Rathbone confronts the Doctor then falls to his death.
  • The Doctor and Charley hitch a ride on the vortisaur. 
  • Frayling faces the inevitable and has one last drink before impact. 
  • The Doctor and Charley land safely and he then figures out the body count. Charley should have died.
  • Charley admits she’d love to go with him so they fly off on Ramsey in search of the Tardis.
  • Who is your favourite character?


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