Date: Sunday 3rd January

Time: 8:45 pm

YouTube link:


Begin live countdown


  • We’re live
  • Introductions
  • Whats coming up?

– We reveal what we had for Christmas dinner

– We talk about Eve of the Daleks

– We reveal our least favourite Christmas chocolate

– Then we’ll have a break at about 22:15 to have a scavenger hunt and we’ll return at 22:30.

– We reveal the winner of the hunt

– And then we crown the winner of who got the most Christmas socks.

  • What have we been up to?
  • Who got the most Christmas socks? (results at 23:00)
  • Christmas dinner chat
  • Eve of the Dalek chat.


  • What’s the plan for the scavenger hunt?
  • Worst Christmas chocolate?


  • Break time
  • Scavenger hunt


  • Back from break.
  • Scavanger hunt – show and tell
  • scavanger hunt – winner
  • Eve of the Daleks chat continues.


  • Who got the most Christmas socks results.
  • Final thoughts on Eve of the Daleks.