Part One


The room is filled with Doctor Who memorabilia. ROB (serious, wearing glasses) and LIAM (funny, wearing a Doctor Who t-shirt) are sitting on a couch, brainstorming ideas.

ROB I reckon, for Doctor Who’s 60th anniversary, we need something special for our podcast.

LIAM Aye, mate. How about we do a live show on YouTube after the anniversary episode? Get the fans involved?

ROB Good idea, but let’s invite Matt from ‘Neither the Time nor the Space’ podcast. He’s a Doctor Who expert and it’d be fun to have him on board.

They dial MATT (knowledgeable, enthusiastic) via video call. MATT appears on the screen, with the background showing Romania.

MATT Hey, lads! I miss Newcastle, but I’m up for it. Can’t wait to celebrate the 60th anniversary together!

Suddenly, the call disconnects. A MYSTERIOUS FIGURE (stalkery) is shown, watching them on his computer screen with obsession.

STALKERY FIGURE (whispering to himself) My precious hosts, you will be part of my collection soon.

The next day, the lads gather for the live YouTube after show. As they discuss the anniversary episode, the Stalkery Figure hacks into their livestream, taking control.

LIAM Bloody hell, who’s this creep?

ROB No idea, but we need to end this livestream now!

Before they can react, the Stalkery Figure kidnaps MATT.

MATT (shouting) Guys, help!

LIAM We can’t let him get away with this! We need to rescue Matt!

ROB Right, let’s plan a daring mission. We have to save our friend.

They hatch a plan, involving tracking the Stalkery Figure’s location and breaking into his lair. They set off, determined to rescue Matt.


The lads sneak into the hideout, prepared for a confrontation. They find MATT, tied up and gagged.

MATT (muffled) Hurry, he’s crazy!

They manage to free Matt, but just as they are about to escape, a trap is triggered. A large net falls from above, trapping them all.

STALKERY FIGURE (sinister laughter) You thought you could escape? Now, you will become part of my ultimate collection!

In the struggle, LIAM loses an arm, bravely trying to free himself. The Stalkery Figure reveals himself, wearing a mask resembling all three hosts.

STALKERY FIGURE I am your biggest fan, your ultimate collector. You will never leave me!

The screen fades to black, leaving a shocking cliffhanger.


Part Two


The room is dimly lit, filled with Doctor Who memorabilia and the Stalkery Figure’s creepy collection. LIAM, MATT, and ROB are still trapped in the net, struggling to free themselves.

STALKERY FIGURE (maniacal laughter) Welcome to my collection, my precious hosts. You will stay here forever!

MATT We won’t be a part of your sick obsession! Let us go!

LIAM, despite his injury, manages to grab a nearby sonic screwdriver from the Stalkery Figure’s table. He discreetly passes it to ROB.

ROB Thanks, Liam. Hang on, I’ve got an idea.

ROB uses the sonic screwdriver to disable the security system, causing the net to loosen. The lads break free and confront the Stalkery Figure.

LIAM Prepare to face the wrath of the Doctor Who fans!

They fight valiantly, using their knowledge of Doctor Who to outsmart the Stalkery Figure. In the chaos, MATT grabs the Stalkery Figure’s mask and pulls it off, revealing his true identity – DAVID, Matt’s co-host from the ‘Neither the Time nor the Space’ podcast.

DAVID (sheepish) I… I got carried away. I’m sorry, Matt. I never meant for it to go this far.

MATT You need help, David. This obsession has gone too far.

LIAM, despite his missing arm, steps forward with determination.

LIAM Look, we’re all fans here, but this isn’t how we show our love for Doctor Who. We’re a community. Let’s help each other, not hurt each other.

DAVID, realizing the error of his ways, nods in agreement.

DAVID You’re right. I lost sight of what really matters.

MATT We can all move past this. Let’s go back to doing what we love – discussing Doctor Who and sharing our passion with others.

They leave the lair, with DAVID willingly joining them, ready to make amends.


The lads are back in Newcastle, recording a special podcast episode about their crazy adventure. They reflect on the importance of friendship, understanding, and the Doctor Who fandom. LIAM, with a prosthetic arm, shares a lighthearted joke to lift the mood.

LIAM Well, I guess you could say I’m now the real-life Captain Hook, but without the villainy.

They all laugh, signifying their unity and the strength of their bond.

ROB And with that, we wrap up our special 60th-anniversary episode. Here’s to many more years of Doctor Who adventures and friendships!

They raise their sonic screwdrivers in a toast, celebrating not only the Doctor Who universe but also their enduring friendship.