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One of my favorite podcasts!

1 November 2022

Rob and Liam consistently put together fun and interesting episodes talking about Doctor Who, classic and revival. You cab count on Liam for a thorough analysis and Rob is quick with interesting facts and also some fun and silly games. Its a whole experience from the pod to the website and the exclusive patreon benefits! 10/10


Response from Cloister Bell Podcast

What a lovely review from one of our favourite listeners! Thank you Sónia!

I Wish I Found You Guys Years Ago

12 December 2023

I Am So Glad To Be Here Among Other Doctor Who Fans Where You Can Just Talk About Doctor Who And Doctor Who Only, Peace, Love, Blessings, Curtis Schweiger

Curtis Schweiger Jr.

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Thanks Curtis!

Great podcast

30 September 2023

It is always a good time listen to Rob and Liam dissect episodes, talk about life and other media. Theirs always thoughtful and humorous discussions! Solid listen every time!


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Thank you Sonia! 🙂

A slice of the 80’s

6 August 2023

An enjoyable romp from Tom Baker’s last season as The Doctor straight after the departure of Romana.

Back from E-Space, and with Adric in tow, they receive a call to go to Traken where all kinds of mystery and intrigue takes place.

As usual, the guys run the podcast with their usual flair and enthusiasm. Always a comprehensive story summary and debate on the key points like “does The Master have two TARDIS?”

Keep up the great work!


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Thank you Grant. You’re too kind! 😊

In depth and entertaining

21 September 2022

Made by fans, for fans this podcast covers the whole of Doctor Who and is entertaining from start to finish. Keep it up 👍🏻


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Thank you Grant! We’re happy you’re enjoying the podcast!