In this week’s podcast Rob and I discuss Black Mirror, ice-cream, drinks explode, spoons are dropped, and we also work in a discussion on Indiana Jones, Nazis and somehow find time for Tom Baker’s penultimate adventure The Keeper of Traken.

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A slice of the 80’s

6 August 2023

An enjoyable romp from Tom Baker’s last season as The Doctor straight after the departure of Romana.

Back from E-Space, and with Adric in tow, they receive a call to go to Traken where all kinds of mystery and intrigue takes place.

As usual, the guys run the podcast with their usual flair and enthusiasm. Always a comprehensive story summary and debate on the key points like “does The Master have two TARDIS?”

Keep up the great work!


Response from Cloister Bell Podcast

Thank you Grant. You’re too kind! 😊

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Author: Liam

I am Liam, podcast co-host who will sometimes give Rob permission to speak. I live in Newcastle upon Tyne in the north east of England. According to Google I am either a Welsh footballer or a boxer. As the internet is infallible and contains nothing but facts I am clearly a talented sportsman as well as a Doctor Who fan...despite what my physique will have you believe. I'm also a keen reader, enjoy music, drink a ridiculous amount of tea and love travel.

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