Join us as we gear up to celebrate Doctor Who’s 60th anniversary! As we eagerly await the show’s return to our screens with the first of three specials – “The Star Beast” – here’s a glimpse of what’s in store for the next few months.

The Star Beast Comic

In episode 128, we’ll be taking a nostalgic trip back to where it all began with the original comic series, “Doctor Who and the Star Beast.” Join the Fourth Doctor as he encounters the adorable Beep the Meep, while on the run from the fearsome Wraith Warriors.

Anniversary Specials

Naturally, we’ll be diving into discussions about each of the upcoming TV specials on our podcast. Fingers crossed, we’ll be joined by fantastic guests who will share their unique perspectives on the thrilling Fourteen Doctor stories. Additionally, we’ll revisit some classic Doctor/Donna adventures that have left an indelible mark on the series.

Round Table Discussions

Prepare for some special round-the-console chats as we invite guests to join us for engaging discussions. We’ll delve deep into the many facets of Doctor Who’s rich and diverse universe.

Live After Show Reunion

Of course we’ll be reuniting with our After Show mates to have a laugh and a chat about first of the anniversary specials over on our brand new shared YouTube channel After Who. You can check out our most recent livestream below.

More will be announced in due course so stay tuned!