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PODCAST 145: DOCTOR WHO Sword of Orion

Resistance is useless. Join us on a trip back to 2001 as the Doctor and Charley encounter the Cybermen.

Today we return to the Eighth Doctor audio range with his second story Sword of Orion. We breakdown the story, find some uncanny parallels to Alien, and then read out some of your feedback.

Original Draft Cover Art

Cover design by Clayton Hickman. Special thanks to Kenny Smith.

As you can see above, the original unreleased draft and the final cover for Sword of Orion as designed by Clayton Hickman. We’d like to give a special thanks to friend of the podcast Kenny Smith for preserving and sharing the original draft. You can watch an excerpt below from Cloister Bell 108: Storm Warning with Kenny as he explains how he came to acquire the cover art for his fanzine.