Today on Cloister Bell we’re exploring a particular First Doctor story as chosen by Mark CockramThe Daleks’ Master Plan. We discuss each of the 12 episodes and reveal our favourite moments. Stay tuned after the end credits as we have a spoilery chat about Doctor Who’s 60th anniversary and beyond.

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Author: Rob

I’m Rob. Co host/co founder of the podcast since 2018. I live in Newcastle in the North East of England. According to google I live a mere 19 minute drive away from my co-host Liam (although I can get there in 10 I’m sure).

2 Replies to “PODCAST 122: The Daleks Master Plan”

  1. Areacode212 says:

    The novelizations of TDMP are well worth reading, even though John Peel seems to have a mixed reputation. The character stuff is much more fleshed out (e.g. Sara being haunted by her killing Bret). Also, it’s pretty obvious that Mavic Chen is a white actor made up to look Asian and that the character is human. BTW, Ben Kingsley is half-Indian.

    1. Rob
      Rob says:

      That’s interesting about the extra character stuff. I’d love to give them a read some day.


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