Jodie Whittaker faces one final story with ’The Power of the Doctor’ this evening – and we reflect on her era, how it paved the past four years of our podcast, and where we go from here…

Thirteenth Doctor – Photo: BBC

We began our podcast precisely four years ago as Series 11 kicked off with The Woman Who Fell to Earth and so week-by-week we plodded through the series, probably not knowing what the hell we were doing but learning as we went along. We’re grateful that this series gave us that push to finally start the podcast. And love us or hate us we’re still here!

Spyfall – Photo: BBC

Thankfully we just about managed to keep the podcast afloat until Series 12 arrived on the scene bringing with it some old enemies and some bonkers plot twists with the fugitive Doctor and Timeless Child.

The After Show LIVE – The Halloween Apocalypse

A thirteenth series would finally materialise in the form of Flux and while reviewing these weekly on the podcast we also hosted weekly on YouTube The After Show LIVE with our podcasting mates Mark, Seonaid, Caroline, Luke, Harry, Matt and David. And we continued doing these throughout the 2022 specials. You can see our next scheduled livestream below which is out this Tuesday at 9PM! We’ll see you there…

The After Show LIVE returns for Power of the Doctor

We will of course be discussing The Power of the Doctor on the main podcast very soon – so make sure to send us your thoughts on it and we’ll read it out on the podcast.

Liam, Jodie and Rob

The Power of the Doctor is on at 19:30 tonight on BBC One.


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