Play our Doctor Who ‘Genesis of the Daleks’ Quiz!

Welcome to our Doctor Who ‘Genesis of the Daleks’ Quiz

This quiz ties-in with podcast 077: Genesis of the Daleks.

1. In this story who first lays eyes on Davros?
2. What type of Daleks feature in this story?
3. What does General Ravon believe the Doctor and Harry to be?
4. Who wrote Genesis of the Daleks?
5. Who’s decision was it to give the Thal’s the formula to weaken the Kaled dome?
6. This story was broadcast in the U.K. between 8 March – 12 April in what year?
7. What does Sarah say she’ll never eat again after seeing the mutated creatures in the caves?
8. Which of these items does not feature in the story?
9. How many galaxies do the Kaleds believe there are in the known universe?
10. For how long have the Thal’s and the Kaled’s supposedly been at war?

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