Tune in this Saturday to the PULL TO OPEN podcast as we team up with Pete and Chris to discuss a great story chosen by the randomiser…

If you’d like to know which story we’ll be discussing you’ll have to check out their previous episode to find out (video below).

Watch their latest episode – The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe

Longtime Whovians and journalists Pete Pachal and Chris Taylor invite you to explore the Whoniverse alongside them, one picked-at-random episode at a time.

We had a great evening recording this with Pete and Chris over the weekend. At first we joined them for a live discussion over on their TikTok debating what qualifies as a Doctor’s companion before joining them to record their next episode.

Listeners can play along with Pull To Open Bingo by downloading the Bingo Card below.

Make sure to tune in this Saturday but in the meantime please consider subscribing to Pull To Open and following them on social.


Author: Rob

I’m Rob. Co host/co founder of the podcast since 2018. I live in Newcastle in the North East of England. According to google I live a mere 19 minute drive away from my co-host Liam (although I can get there in 10 I’m sure).

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