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Author: Rob

I’m Rob. Co host/co founder of the podcast since 2018. I live in Newcastle in the North East of England. According to google I live a mere 19 minute drive away from my co-host Liam (although I can get there in 10 I’m sure).

4 Replies to “POLLING STATION – Partners in Crime”

  1. Sonia says:

    Listen, I love this episode. Even in all its ridiculousness. Donna and the Doctor are great together. Its a fun reintroduction. I love the little adipose fat babies. The nanny lady is meh, but I dont care. Its good fun!

  2. James Swift says:

    Watched the episode the other day just purely because its one of my favourite rtd penned episodes, I think Tennant and Tate have and instant chemistry that isn’t easy to obtain

    For a companion reintroduction the actual plot is quite decent, there is no clear baddie everyone is doing what they think is right and as the doctor says the “evil” Plan kinda works apart the murder and making aliens out of fat without consent.

    Good first episode of a series if it wasn’t for the Pilot and Eleventh Hour it would probably be my favourite, in-fact after watching it the other day me and a friend ranked first stories of a series and this was third, what would be your top three first stories of a series?

    Also I believe Matt is joining you for this episode? If so just let him know we are all collectively thinking of him and David and hope the both of them are okay, actually while we’re at it I also hope Rob and Liam are okay too

    Oh another question! What do you think of the naming of Whoniverse?

  3. Harry Mcmusicus says:

    RTD, David tenant, Catherine Tate, bad jokes… at least that’s all in the past now.

    Questions: where is the worst UK service station and where is the best?

    I’m off to Bristol next week, what should I do there?

    The salt in my salt cellar keeps going damp, it doesn’t matter what I do, if I put a lid on it…if I put it in a cupboard… it still goes damp.
    Nothing else is damp, and there’s no damp in the house. Why does this keep happening?
    Also, remember to keep potatoes in paper bags in a cupboard as the plastic bags make them sweat and they start to turn into triffids way too early.


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