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Author: Rob

I’m Rob. Co host/co founder of the podcast since 2018. I live in Newcastle in the North East of England. According to google I live a mere 19 minute drive away from my co-host Liam (although I can get there in 10 I’m sure).

8 Replies to “POLLING STATION – Time and the Rani”

  1. Mike Clarke says:

    I don’t mind it. It looks good and the story’s ok. Having a decent cast helps but from reading Script Doctor by Andrew Cartmel he did not have a good working relationship with Pip & Jane baker. I think he felt the story was old fashioned & no in keeping with his new vision for the show.

  2. James says:

    If it wasnt for all of the behind the scenes things that was going on with colin baker I would absolutely love this episode, however it doesn’t ruin the episode and I do love so much about this story, McCoy starts of strong and the Rani is always fun

  3. Tom says:

    Average mostly for the nostalgia value. Mel is ok when she’s not screaming.

  4. Michael Storm says:

    It’s a bit of a silly story with some truely atrocious dialogue. However, there some really good visual effects such as the killer spheres, and daft as it is, the Rani impersonating Mel is very entertaining. Unfortunately, most of the guest characters have the personality of a 1980s primary school dinner.

    It is worth noting that the newly regenerated Doctor doesn’t have any post-regeneration trauma. He is on form pretty much as soon as he wakes up. All his trauma is caused by being drugged by the Rani.

    1. Rob
      Rob says:

      Thanks Michael those are some really good points! Well read them out on the pod. 👍


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