Liam invites you to delve much further into the Season 18 Extended Anthology with two back-to-back Big Finish drama’s, ‘Purgatory 12‘ and ‘Chase the Night‘…

In this podcast Rob and I discuss the Evil Dead, Sam Raimi and two Big Finish stories from the Fourth Doctor Adventures Series 09 Volume 01.

There is also an extra chat at the end where we talk about Star Trek and some items of interest about the 60th Anniversary of Doctor Who.

Listen on…

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Author: Liam

I am Liam, podcast co-host who will sometimes give Rob permission to speak. I live in Newcastle upon Tyne in the north east of England. According to Google I am either a Welsh footballer or a boxer. As the internet is infallible and contains nothing but facts I am clearly a talented sportsman as well as a Doctor Who fan...despite what my physique will have you believe. I'm also a keen reader, enjoy music, drink a ridiculous amount of tea and love travel.

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