Time for something a bit different! We talked all about Doctor Who: The Aztecs on last weeks podcast, now here’s a quick quiz to test your knowledge!

This story is from Doctor Who’s very first season. But in what year was The Aztecs first broadcast?

Barbara is mistaken for a female reincarnation of an ancient high priest. But what is the name of the high priest?

The Aztecs was written by

In the story the Doctor was played by

After appealing for better studio accommodations, where were episodes 2 to 4 of The Aztecs filmed?

What artefact from inside the Tomb is Barbara wearing throughout the serial?

The Doctor describes Tlotoxl as the local what?

What does Tlotoxl vow to do at the end of episode 1?

The novelisation of The Aztecs
was released by which publisher?

What does Ian use to render Ixta unconscious?

What had Autloc been tutoring Susan about?

The Doctor accidentally gets engaged by drinking what?

How does Ixta weaken Ian during their fight?

When Ian enters the secret passage in the garden, what danger does he face?

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