David and Matt of the ‘Neither The Time Nor The Space‘ podcast will be hosting their third annual “Wheelie Big Quiz”.

“This year we will be supporting Matt’s chosen charity ‘Cancer Research UK’. – working to develop for treatment and care for those diagnosed with all forms of cancer.

Much like previous years, the rules are simple, each week David shall be asked six questions (entirely plagiarised from the Doctor Who trivial pursuit game) with each question being worth £1. If David correctly answers all questions, the weekly total is boosted to £10. With there being roughly 12 weeks until Christmas our target is to firstly beat last years total of £700 (at which point Matt has agreed to watch the entirety of the series ‘Class’ again) and hopefully raise much more!

We are opening this page to donations from our listeners as we never ask for anything in return for our pod but every little helps and if we can use our limited audience for the power of good rather than just discussing Doctor Who, it makes sense to do so. We are not seeking huge donations but maybe give up one cup of coffee and chuck us a couple of quid instead, it really can make a difference.

Cheers for taking the time to read.”

David & Matt


Author: Rob

I’m Rob. Co host/co founder of the podcast since 2018. I live in Newcastle in the North East of England. According to google I live a mere 19 minute drive away from my co-host Liam (although I can get there in 10 I’m sure).